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Maria Bertagnolli is a nurse practitioner specializing in dermatology and cosmetic procedures. She has been practicing alongside Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Kupiec at Georgetown Dermatology since 2010, and is an experienced and highly regarded provider.


Maria graduated from Marymount University with Master of Science in Nursing and received her Family Nurse Practitioner.


Following her formal education, Maria had extensive clinical experience working at both Suburban and Georgetown University Hospitals.

While in the division of gastroenterology at Georgetown, she authored a paper in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Nursing, and became certified in gastroenterology.


Maria continues to enjoy taking care of patients and applies her keen interest in diverse areas of dermatology. She is highly skilled at performing general skin examinations including skin cancer screenings. Maria’s specialties are treating acne and warts. She also performs surgical procedures such as shave biopsies, punch biopsies, and excision biopsies.


Her dermatological expertise is not limited to patients’ medical needs, however, as she regularly performs laser therapy to reduce the appearance of lentigines and other brown spots, as well as for hair reduction and rejuvenation. Her cosmetic expertise also includes administering Botox, minimizing wrinkles with fillers, and performing chemical peels.

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